Those are the passes that provide access to JIB12 convention (POSTPONED to 26th-28th AUGUST 2022).
Passes for JIB12 DON'T give any access to JIBWEEK (JIBLAND5 &JIB11 - POSTPONED to 23th-27th FEBRUARY 2022) activities and viceversa.


  1. Only people who have an invitation pass on their name can get into convention premises. Each invitation pass gives you access only for dates specified in its description, from starting time to the end of regular activities. Only if you attend the convention for all days assigned to your pass you can be sure not to miss photo op, autograph and meet&greet sessions and on stage panels.
  2. You can book passes until they're available (you can find booking details here) No pass will be available at the convention.
    Invitation passes aren't refundable under any circumstances, but YOU CAN REQUEST TO HAND YOURS OVER TO SOMEONE ELSE following the rules you find in [/hide]Handing over[/hide] handing over page - link soon - and in Terms&Conditions. If you want to hand your pass over to someone else YOU MUST REQUEST APPROVAL TO THE STAFF providing new participant's data by writing an email to [email protected].
  3. You can CHANGE YOUR PASS with a BETTER ONE THAT GRANTS ACCESS FOR THE SAME DAYS (i.e. you can upgrade your Hunter pass into a Demon pass) but only until those invitation passes are available. You can ask for the change writing to [email protected] and following the instructions the staff will give you (please remember that this opportunity is effective only until the chosen pass type is available). You cannot request to change your pass number (i.e. you cannot exchange Angel Pass 100 with Angel Pass 50) and you cannot downgrade a pass into a lower one.
  4. All passes include access to the convention for specific days + different specific features (privileges, autographs, etc...). Specific features varies from one pass to the other (REFER TO EACH PASS DESCRIPTION TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCES).
  5. Each pass can be personalized ADDING PHOTO OPS, AUTOGRAPHS, OR SPECIAL ACTIVITIES that will become available in the next months.
Everything not expressly included into official invitation pass description shall be considered excluded.
Many extras can be requested separately while others though are specific privileges of certain types of invitation pass. You can add photo ops, autographs or special activities at the same time you request your invitation pass (if they've been released already) or afterwards as you prefer.
It's not mandatory to add something to your invitation pass.

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions on Passes, Photo ops, Autographs and Special Activities.

Here you can read a list of general rules for events attendees.


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