Hilton Rome Airport Hotel is the venue where JIBWEEK 2020 (JIB11 and JIBLAND5) postponed to DECEMBER 2020, and JIB12 in DECEMBER 2020 will take place.

Events attendees can book rooms at special rates both at Hilton Rome Airport (events venue) and at Hilton Garden Inn (nearby twin hotel, with a free shuttle bus service available from and to Hilton Rome Airport - Airport Shuttle timetables).
As usual we remind you that booking a room at Hilton Hotels it's not mandatory, but some night activities of the events may end late and it's more convenient to stay at the same hotel or nearby.

Attendees of JIBWEEK ( JIB11 & JIBLAND5 ) will be able to book a room, or modify or cancel their booking from September 7th till October 9th 2020, following instructions provided at the link below.
All the bookings made at the Hilton Rome Airport and at the Hilton Garden Inn will be automatically moved to the new dates in December 2020.

Attendees of JIB12 can book rooms at special rates for stays from DECEMBER 9th to 15th 2020

  • Via Arturo Ferrarin n.2
  • 00054 - Fiumicino (RM)


© Hilton Rome Airport


You can contact Hilton by sending an e-mail to [email protected] and you'll receive a reply within 10 working days. Hilton staff in charge of bookings provides assistance only through e-mail, please do not call the Hilton to make your booking.

Hilton Rome Airport Hotel is a 12 minutes walk from Fiumicino Airport!

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