Bookings of Night activities, Monday concert, Cocktails and Special Activities for #JIB11 and #JIBLAND5 (#JIBWEEK2020)

At the link below you can find information and booking instructions about Night activities, Monday concert, Welcome Party (for JIBLAND5) and Cocktail Party (for JIB11), Roman Holiday (for JIB11), La Dolce Vita (for JIBLAND5), Stage Room daily entrances.

Bookings for Monday Concert will open on FRIDAY JANUARY 17th.

Bookings for Special Activities, Parties, Night Activities and Stage Room Daily Entrances will open on SATURDAY JANUARY 18th.

La Dolce Vita, Roman Holiday, Welcome Party and Cocktail Party
Night activities and Daily Stage Room Entrances
Monday Concert

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Monday night concert – JIBWEEK 2019

Special Activities Roman Holiday & La dolce Vita – old pics from JIB archives

Jason & Rob – JIBWEEK 2018