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Japanese Red Cross Charity Donation

Japanese Red Cross Charity Donation

Postby erika » 23/04/2011, 21:02

Japanese Red Cross Charity Donation

Jus In Bello Staff
Hello everyone,
We're here to let you know that thanks to your generosity at JIBCON2 we could donate 285,000¥ to the Japanese Red Cross.
Most of the money came from the auctioning of Jensen's, Jared's and Misha's cups, Misha's scripts, Richard's script, and Bart the Zebra.
But we also raised 300€ (minus a few euros we added to reach that goal) in coins divided like this:
1867 coins of 0,01€ (18,67€)
1440 coins of 0,02€ (28,80€)
950 coins of 0,05€ (47,50€)
488 coins of 0,10€ (48,80€)
275 coins of 0,20€ (55€)
70 coins of 0,50€ (35€)
30 coins of 1€ (30€)
15 coins of 2€ (30€)

Bank office took a bit of time to re-count them all and check to see that everything was in order so final amount of coins is 5135 (plus various foreign coins they could not change and gave back to us) for an exact value of 293,77€.
Not a bad result for a something that started out as a joke with our lovely guys!

Here below you can find the receipt of the donation we’ve made for everyone who was at JIB CON 2.

Hugs guys and have a happy Easter time!
thanks for this sign , made by Jenks
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