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The 1st special musical guest of #JIB6!

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Hello everyone!
Ready for another name to be added to JIBCon 6 list? Because we have our first musical guest for you!

Getting him back with us is one of those pleasant traditions we are always happy to renew year after year, because we enjoy his music a lot and we enjoy his company even more.
We are sure you all know about whom we are talking about already so here it is:

JASON MANNS is JIBCon 6 1st special musical guest!

JASON MANNS - JIB Con Music Guest


Thanks for joining us again Jason, JIB wouldn't be the same without you!

And for those who are already wondering, yes, Jason being his lovely self has accepted to do another Monday concert as well. You'll get all details for this in a few more months but at least you can plan your trip already knowing there's the usual post JIB date if you want to join us.

JIB Staff



Announcement of the 6th guest of #JIB6!

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Hi everyone!
Here we are again trying to make this rainy August all better for you guys, and what could be better than a new guest? So what do you say if we tell you that one of your favorite darlings is coming back next May?

You've meet him at JIBCon 5 and loved him immediately because he is just too sweet. You've asked us to bring him back, we're glad to make this happen, and very happy he has accepted to come back.

Many of you surely have already guessed whom we are talking about but let's make it official, the 6th guest for JIBCon 6 is:



So now the remaining thing to do is saying all together: "Welcome back Master Chau!"

JIB staff

PS: guests 7th and 8th are coming in the next days...




Jpeg files of jib5 photo ops are online

The high resolution photo files of JIBCON 5 are now available:


This si a section of our website listing the thumbnails of all photo ops with a unique code for each one.
You'll simply need to browse among the pictures, find yours and send us an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  stating your name, surname, pass number and codes for pictures you wish to receive. Files are hi-res and dimension is 2912 x 4368 pixel.

You can ask ONLY for yours and your family photo files, or for photo shoots with friends. You can't ask for other people pictures. YOU CANNOT REQUEST PHOTO OP FILES BELONGING TO OTHER PEOPLE!
Files will be sent as email attachments or a direct download link will be provided.

For each picture you're going to request you'll have to send a contribution of 3€ (usual methods apply: wire transfer and moneybookers with limited availability).

Furthermore, despite Terms&Conditions granting us the right to use all images taken at the event we don't want you to feel uncomfortable in any way so if anybody for whatever reason wants the thumbnails of their personal image removed from this site just email us with your name, surname, pass number and codes of the pictures and we will delete your images as soon as possible.
If your photo op happens to be missing on the website, don't worry and just  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it : we may have lost it in the thumbnails upload phase, and we'll look for your pic in our archives.

JIB Staff




Information on double photo ops

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Hi everyone!
August is coming so here we are with details on much awaited double photo ops.

Booking will start on SATURDAY AUGUST 23rd AT 3.00PM ROME TIME ZONE.

full contribution: 175€ sent within 3 days
installments: 45€ sent within 3 days and 133€ sent within Friday October 3rd.

full contribution: 155€ sent within 3 days
installments: 45€ sent within 3 days and 113€ sent within Friday October 3rd.

full contribution: 155€ sent within 3 days
installments: 45€ sent within 3 days and 113€ sent within Friday October 3rd.


For the 1st day you can request photo ops and autographs by email only. If still available, from Sunday August 24th 2014 you will be able to send your request through the website. 

Please remember that we are not going to accept requests sent before the booking opening hour (3.00pm) so pay attention to the time. (Usual clock we be available on the website at booking day)
Please remember that you can send your request only once and you cannot send multiple emails for the same booking, or you will be assigned all extras you've requested and you will have to complete the booking for them all.
Please remember to specify all requested data and to check that you've written everything we need or that you want to say before sending your request. Please do not send us emails to add things or change your requests and especially don't do that sending messages to casual various email addresses, please use  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  only!

FOR PEOPLE WITHOUT A PASS THAT WISH TO REQUEST DOUBLE PHOTO OPS: we are sorry but you will be able to do so only at 3.00pm on Sunday August 24th NOT before.

HOW TO BOOK PHOTO OPS AND AUTOGRAPHS (from Saturday August 23th at 3.00pm rome time zone):

1) You can send your request by email: to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  specifying:
- Surname and Name
- Complete address (street, postal code, city, country)
- Email
- Type of pass you have for JIB6
- Chosen photo ops and how many of them (i.e. 2 photo op with Jensen&Jared, 1 photo op with Jared&Misha etc...)
- Specify preferred method to send your contribution (wire transfer and with LIMITED availability moneybookers, if you would like other methods please ask about them before booking but we cannot promise we will be able to accept them)
- Specify if you want the installment option (otherwise we will mark your request for full contribution)

If you want to book photos also for your friends and you want to request more than one photo op you can do so sending 1 EMAIL ONLY FOR A MAXIMUN NUMBER OF 5 PEOPLE (you + 4 friends who have a pass) to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  specifying data requested above for each participant.
Even if you book together you can send your contributions separately and with different methods, just let us know about your choice in the same email of your booking.

Within 24 hours we will contact you to let you know we have received your request (this is not a booking confirmation). Then within 4-5 days we will send you another email to confirm you have been assigned the photo ops you have requested and all necessary details to send your contributions.
From the moment we send you the second email to confirm everything you will have 3 working days to send your contribution (the 3 days don't start the moment you send the request but the moment we confirm it).

Please remember that we cannot grant 1 photo op for all of you, the number of photo ops is limited and if you don't get one it means only that someone else has been quicker and luckier than you.
As for news about all extras for guests we have announced recently, we will post them on September, so please be patient.

Have a nice August all of you!

JIB Staff




Tahmoh Penikett is the 5th guest of #JIB6!

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Hello again!

We promised you we wouldn't keep you waiting long for another guest and we always keep our promises, so here we are once more with a new name for you.

You've met him and loved him immediately, this past May he has been a great addition to JIB Family so it's our pleasure to have him back to JIBCon 6 as the 5th official guest.

Join us in welcoming



So far we have 5 guests already but many more will come!

And thanks to those of you who have voted in the poll to express their preferences, you've helped us making JIBCon more like you want it.

JIB staff


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