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News about passes & bookings for #JIBCON7

Hello Everyone!
Finally we are here with the much awaited information about JIBCON 7.


JIBCON 7 WILL BE HELD ON 2016 MAY 20th-22nd


Chosen location will be again the Hilton Rome Airport Hotel as it's been in these past years.

And here are all details to send a request for your invitation pass.








Announcement of the 4th guest of #JIBCON7!


Hello everyone!
We have some pretty amazing news for all of JIB supporters.

Even before we are ready to reveal booking details for JIBCON 7 we are already here announcing another terrific guest!
We are sure you can imagine who he is and why we couldn't wait to announce him.

So with much pleasure let us greet JIBCON 7 4th guest:


 Mark Sheppard

Thank you a lot to Mark for accepting to be back and for always being so kind toward us!

Stay tuned for more news in the next week!

JIB staff





We have just been informed that there's a fake facebook page linked to websites that seem to sell tickets for JIBCon 6.
THIS IS A FRAUDAnybody who's behind this is not related to JIB Assn. or JIBCon, so don't trust them and report this fraud attemtp to facebook and other websites hosting the announces as we're doing ourselves.

Only reliable website about Jus In Bello and JIBCon 6 is the official one:
Our official facebook account is this one and this one only:

JIB staff






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Happy Holidays

Happy Holiday Season to Everyone!

It is already Christmas time again, and we wish you health, love, joy and peace.
We also wish you to find something nice under the tree as well, and because we feel a bit like Santa we have decided to bring you our own present, JIB version of course.

We are delighted to tell you that in May 2016 from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd there will be a JIBCon 7 and we are incredibly happy to confirm that Jensen, Jared and Misha will be with us again.
We have all worked intensely to be able to bring you this news so early and celebrate the festivity with you, in hope that we have managed to bring some additional happiness to your days.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!

JIB Staff

PS: JIBCon 7 is officially confirmed and so are Jensen, Jared and Misha, but for general and more detailed information you will have to wait at least until new year. So don't worry you will have all the time to prepare and decide, no need to ask or worry about booking now. Just wait and see!
We also remind you that from today until January 12th we won't reply to any email. We will get back to you after that date as soon as possible. Happy Holidays!

roman holiday



Info about Roman Holiday special activity

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Hello girls and guys,
finally here we are with news for most awaited news about "ROMAN HOLIDAY"!
For information on what "Roman Holiday" is and how it works, here is a link to get all the explanations.

Guests we are already sure will be at the tour are Misha, Mark, Felicia, Osric, Richard, Rob, Jim, Tahmoh, Greyston and Jason.

You will be able to send your requests BY EMAIL ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) on SATURDAY JANUARY 24th FROM 3.00 PM ROME TIME ZONE.
In your email you need to specify:
Surname and Name
Email address
Complete address
Your Pass Number
Preferred method to send your contribution

Please don't send multiple requests for the same booking or we will be forced to automatically exclude you! And please give us at least THREE days to reply to you!

You can book for yourself only meaning only 1 person per email (if you want to book for a friend too you need to send 2 emails, 1 with your details and 1 with your friend's). We understand you want to go with your friends but at the same time we want for everyone to have a chance and having emails requesting more than 1 place would make that difficult.
As you know available places are very limited so please understand that most probably we won't be able to have one for each of you who wish to join the activity.
We hate to disappoint any of you but we cannot do miracles, so please be very aware that places will be assigned by request arriving order and if you don't get one it simply means someone else was faster and luckier than you!

Required contribution will be of 575€ if you send it wholly within 3 days or you will be able to split it in 2 times like this: 290€ within 3 days and 290€ within the 23rd of February.
Please do remember that Roman Holiday cannot be handed to someone else for any reason even if you cannot take part in it any longer.

Hopefully we are preparing another unforgettable tour in a very interesting place in the center of Rome, to spend time in the historical heart of the city, this mean we would need to leave the Hilton Hotel quite early on Friday morning due to the traffic jam we could incur into, so before deciding to join Roman Holiday consider that starting hour on Friday May 15th 2014 will surely be set between 6.45 AM and 7.15 AM and if you cannot be there on time you will miss it.

Once arrived at destination the actual guided visit will last around 2 hours and then you will be escorted back to the Hilton Hotel before regular convention activities start.

Thank you.
JIB Staff




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