Do all passes give access to all days of an event?

Yes, usually all invitation passes allow you to attend all days of an event, from the start until the end of regular activities (unless it’s stated differently in the related section of this website).
Especially 3 days conventions have a program scheduling lot of different activities each day, so only people attending the event for the whole 3 days can be sure to use all privileges included in their pass or their extras.

For how long is it possible to request invitation passes?

You’ll be able to request all pass types for an event until all available places will be assigned.
Please remember that Jus In Bello Assn. hosts private events reserved only to associates, supporters and partners who have requested and received an invitation pass beforehand.
No one will be able to get an invitation pass at the event, not even associates, supporters and partners.

How much time do I have to send a minimum contribution or a subscription amount?

All contributions and amounts must be sent within 3 working days starting from the moment our staff replies to your request providing details to complete it. All deadlines specified on this website are mandatory and binding.
(Check also Terms&Conditions about this).

Do all invitation passes grant me a reserved seat in the stage room?

Some invitation passes grant you a reserved seat in the stage room, others don’t. About this please check description of the invitation passes.
(Check also Terms&Conditions about this).

Even if I don’t have an invitation pass can I ask to take part into activities such as photo op sessions, autograph sessions and so on?

No, only people who have an invitation pass can enter the related convention or other event and join the activities taking place inside of it.

If I cannot attend an event for unexpected reasons can I give my invitation pass to someone else?

Yes, you can. But only RESPECTING FIXED RULES, PROCEDURE AND LIMITS about this. Please check all details about it in the RULES TO HAND OVER YOUR INVITATION PASS TO SOMEONE ELSE HERE.
(Check also Terms&Conditions about this).


What’s a Photo Op?

Strictly speaking “Photo Op” means Photograph Opportunity and so the chance to have a picture with one or more guests attending an event.
People who have a Photo Op with a guest can meet them personally and have a picture with them, receiving printed version of it later.
There are usually several different photo op sessions scheduled over the days of a convention or other event.

Even if I don’t have an invitation pass can I ask to have a photo op with a guest?

No, only people who have an invitation pass can enter a convention or an event and attend photo op sessions.

Can I have a group photo op with some actors of my choice?

No, you can’t. In addition to single photo ops with all guests our staff will decide some standard combinations of guests for group photo ops.

Can I have several Photo Ops/Autographs with the same guest?

Yes, anybody who has an invitation pass can ask for unlimited extras until they’re available.

Can I give my Photo Op/extra Autograph to someone else?

Only people who can no longer attend a convention or other event can hand their related photo op/extra autograph to someone else. They can do so following same general rules to hand over invitation passes. For all details about this please read rules to hand over passes here.

Can I have a photo with a guest and a friend of mine?

Yes, two people can be in the same photo with a guest (no more than 2 people).
Nonetheless you must remember that each person portrayed in the picture needs 1 Photo Op. So 2 friends who want 1 picture with a guest need to have 1 Photo Op each.

How shall I dress for my Photo Op?

Pictures with actors are a wonderful memento to keep through passing time, so you’ll wish to appear at your best but also to be comfortable with what you’re wearing. Photo Op sessions are informal occasions so there’s no need to overdress or to be highly formal.

What’s the etiquette that I shall respect at photo op sessions?

While having pictures with guests all participants are required to behave in a polite and respectful way. It’s forbidden to have a pushy, inappropriate or intrusive attitude, on the contrary we encourage participants to address guests with kindness and calm. If everyone behave in a considerate and appropriate way all guests will be more relaxed and friendly with all participants.

Can I take pictures at photo op sessions/autograph sessions?

No, it’s forbidden to take pictures while attending these activities. Anybody breaching this rule will be removed from the event by security with no chance to be admitted again into the event premises.
(Check also Terms&Conditions about this).

Can I take pictures or ask autographs and/or selfies at Meet&Greet sessions?

No, it is forbidden to take pictures or ask autographs and/or selfies at Meet&Greet sessions.


When are guests usually announced?

We announce guests over the months before the starting of the event. Necessary work to have each and every guest at an event is long and not easy, so it requires time.
We announce guests only when they are officially confirmed and we are sure they will attend our event.

Do I need to wait for all guests to be announced before asking for Photo Ops and extra Autographs?

No, we usually open bookings for Photo Ops and Autographs of each guest shortly after they’ve been announced. Photo Ops and extra Autographs are in limited number so we cannot grant to have enough of them for everybody. You’ll be able to request them only until all available ones have been assigned.


Can everybody make a donation to Jus In Bello Association?

Yes, everybody wishing to support Jus In Bello Assn. and its work can make a donation. Our aim is to promote movies, tv shows and all arts, to create gatherings for fans from all over the world, and to encourage interactions between fans and professionals in the fields of arts and show business. For further information you can contact our staff at staff@jusinbello.it

How can I attend Jus In Bello Assn. conventions, gatherings and events in general?

Only Jus In Bello Assn. associates, supporters and partners can attend events hosted by the association, and only if they have a written invitation on their name (procedure to request an invitation pass is available in the related section of this website). For further information about this you can contact our staff at staff@jusinbello.it.

If I have an invitation what other documents do I have to present to enter the related event?

To enter a convention or any other event you need to present:

  • 1) your ID document (ID card or passport)
  • 2) printed copy of your invitation pass and of all additional extras related to it
  • 3) underage participants also need 1 printed copy of the authorization declaration filled and signed by one of their parents, 1 printed copy of their parent’s ID document and 1 printed copy of their own ID document
  • (About underage participants attending an event please check Terms&Conditions section).
If I lose my invitation or forget to print it and bring it with me can I enter the event?

No, without your invitation pass you cannot attend the convention or any other event you were supposed to attend. So please pay attention to your invitation email, it’s filled with your data and your invitation number so save it, print it, keep it and take it with you at the convention.
If you lose your invitation email please contact us at least 7 weeks prior the start of the convention or other related event and we’ll send you a duplicate. If you contact us when there’re less than 7 weeks left before the start of the event, we won’t be able to send you a duplicate of your invitation and without it you won’t be allowed to attend the event.
For each duplicate you request you have to send a 3€ minimum contribution.

When is the program of a convention or any other event usually released?

You’ll find detailed program of each event on this same website 10-14 days before the start.

What is usual timetable of conventions?

Usually activities (both regular and special ones) for multiple day long conventions take place between 9.00 am and 7.30 pm. If any night activity is included in the program it usually takes place between 9.00 pm and 11.30 pm. Reception desk (where you collect your pass badge at arrival) is usually open from 9.00 am of the starting day. Some days before the convention start you can check this website to see if reception desk will be open also during the day before the start and if so at what time.

Can I be part of the staff working at conventions and other events hosted by Jus In Bello Assn.?

We’re very grateful for your kindness and interest but OUR STAFF IS AT FULL CAPACITY so we don’t need additional help, no matter what your qualification or previous experiences are and no matter if you’re fans of the show we’re promoting or not.

Can I help anyway with the organization of the convention or any other event?

Sure! You can help us in many ways:

  • – you can advertise the convention and the association’s work on the web through your contacts and friends
  • – you can send us banners, headers, animations, wallpapers, videos, drawings and so on to improve Jus In Bello website’s contents
  • – you can refer this website to anyone looking for details about the convention, or you can contact us directly at staff@jusinbello.it to receive and spread correct information
  • – while at a convention or any other event you can suggest what to do and how to behave to other participants who have doubts or don’t know the rules.
If there are guests at an event (actors, writers, singers, producers etc…) can I stop them in the hallways asking for autographs and pictures?

No, it’s forbidden to harass guests while they’re not attending scheduled activities. Anybody harassing guests while they’re having some relax time between an activity and the following one will be removed from the event by security with no chance to be admitted again into the event’s premises. Guests’ privacy and down time shall be respected and preserved as good manners require, no matter if they’re famous people.
(Check also Terms&Conditions about this).

Can I bring a present or a letter for a guest? Can I give it to them in person?

Yes, you can bring presents and letters to autograph sessions and give them personally to the chosen guest while there, but remember that all packages and envelopes shall be opened and checked by our staff. Any present or object that cannot be inspected will be rejected.
We suggest you to bring gifts of small or average dimensions so that guests can carry them easily.

Can I make a video recording of the event I’m attending?

No, it’s forbidden to record any video at the convention or any other event. Anybody breaching this rule will be removed from the event by security with no chance to be admitted again into the event premises.
(Check also Terms&Conditions about this).

Can I use my cellphone within the event premises?

You can use your cellphone outside the stage room. In the stage room you must switch your phone to silent mode and avoid receiving or making calls while stage activities are going on.

Can I bring a kid at a convention?

Events hosted by Jus In Bello Assn. are meant for adults and a self sufficient audience. Sometimes it is possible to bring kids at a convention, but you need to enquire about this in advance sending an email to our staff at staff@jusinbello.it asking for written approval. If allowed to enter the convention children need an invitation pass like every other participant. Infants of 11 months or younger usually don’t attend the convention, anyway to ask for specific needs you can contact us at staff@jusinbello.it. Parents authorized by the staff to bring a child at a convention will be responsible for their child’s wellbeing at any given moment and they will have to prevent any cause of disturbance for other participants or convention activities.
(Check also Terms&Conditions about this).


What is Jus In Bello Association?

Jus In Bello Assn. is a non-profit association, more details about it here.

What are Jus In Bello Conventions?

Jus In Bello conventions are private events created for associates, supporters and partners of the association. Aim of these events is to promote without any profit movies, tv shows and any form of art, to create gatherings for fans from all over the world and to encourage interactions between fans and professionals in the fields of arts and show business.

What happens at Jus In Bello Conventions usually?

Detailed program of each event is announced to participants some days before the start of it. On our Youtube channel you can see some videos taken from events hosted in the past years.

These FAQs are an enhancement of what is stated in Terms and Conditions but don't replace them.
Everybody shall read also Terms and Conditions.

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