You will be able to send your requests for trio photo op with Jensen, Jared and Misha from
SATURDAY MAY 30th from 2.00PM (Rome time zone)

We will send you details to complete your request on June 7th and you will have to send your contribution at maximum before June 10th.

There will be truly limited number of trio photo op available so please keep this in mind if you send your request but don't get one.

    Installments: 185€ sent before 6.00pm of June 10th and 185€ sent before 6.00pm of July 8th.
    Full contribution: 365€ sent before 6.00pm of June 10th.

SATURDAY MAY 30th you can request trio photo op by email only. From Monday June 8th you will be able to send your request through the website if trio will still be available.
Please send your booking email to [email protected] specifying ALL following data for each participant (maximum of 5 people per email – each person can request a maximum of 2 trio photo op)

DATA FOR REQUESTING TRIO PHOTO OP (from SATURDAY MAY 30th at 2.00pm Rome time zone)
  • 1 Surname and Name
  • 2 E-mail
  • 3 Type of pass you have been assigned
  • 4 Number of trio photo ops you want (1 or maximum 2)
  • 5 Specify if you want the installment option (if you do not specify it here you will to send full contribution)
  • 6 Preferred method to send your contribution (wire transfer or equivalent service and, with limited availability, Skrill.)
    (If you do not receive our email you have to contact us before deadline is over on June 10th).
  • AFTER HAVING RECEIVED THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL WITH BOOKING DETAILS FROM OUR STAFF you will have time until 6.00pm of June 10th to send your contribution.
    On deadline day the latest time to send contribution and INFORM us is 6.00pm Rome Time Zone
    We're sorry but failing to respect the deadline will result in you getting a fine, or losing your right to request other extras, or being denied access to the convention based on the situation. So please be careful when you send your booking request for extras and don't send it if you are not sure you will be able to complete it.
  • To have necessary information please read ALL the rules posted on this website attentively, starting from FAQ and Terms and Conditions.
  • People sending their contributions in installments will get their receipt only at the end of the process.
    We wish to remind you that if you fail to send all installments within due deadlines you are automatically forsaking your extras. All previous installments will not be refunded and they will become simple donations.
  • If you send a booking request you have to complete it regularly in accordance to the rules you find on this website and you cannot change your mind during the process cancelling it, or your pass will be deleted. So please be sure before sending your email.
  • We are not going to accept requests sent before the booking opening hour so pay attention to the time. Should we receive your request before time we will let you know by email.
  • You can send only 1 email for ALL your requests. You cannot send multiple emails to book extras. If you do so your booking will be considered only after all other requests, you will be assigned all extras you've requested available at that time and you will have to complete the booking for them all.
  • You have to specify all requested data in the specified order and in list form only for all the people that you are booking for, and copy them to acknowledge in the email you send us (otherwise we will reply to you only and it will be your responsibility to forward our reply to your friends).
  • Do not send us further emails to add things or change your details (not even if you forget some data), wait until we contact you to ask, and especially don't send messages to various email addresses, please use [email protected] only!
  • Sending requests for other people makes you responsible for their bookings as well, and you will have to make sure they will complete them regularly.
  • If you book together you have to use the same method to send your contribution.
  • If you book together please try to send your contribution together with one single transfer, if you cannot do so specify it clearly in your booking email (you can send contributions only all together or all separately).
  • Due to problems caused by people who do not follow booking instructions we regret to inform you that an extra donation between 5€ to 10€ will be requested from anyone making mistakes, sending multiple emails for their booking, sending unnecessary emails at booking time, sending data in a different way than specified (for yourself or others you are booking for), sending more than 1 transfer per booking, sending wrong contribution or sending an incomplete contribution or incomplete installments.
  • We wish to remind you that if you are using installments (if available) you have to send them all before deadlines are over. If you do not respect this rule you will forfeit installments already sent, your booking and we will be forced to take action because of this breach of rules.
  • We wish to remind to everyone that photo ops are not included in any pass.
  • We wish to remind to everyone that it's not possible to share 1 photo op, meaning 2 people cannot use 1 photo op to do a photo together with the guest. If you want to do 1 photo op with 1 friend you both need to have your own photo op.
  • We wish to remind to everyone that only people who have an invitation pass on their name can attend the convention so they're the only one who can take advantage of photo op and autograph opportunities.
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