This invitation includes:
  • Admittance to JIBLAND5 (13th and 14th of May 2020)
  • One reserved seat in the stage room (by booking order)
  • Possibility to take part in every contest that could be organized
  • Possibility to access art exhibitions and merchandise rooms
  • Possibility to book 1 or more autographs for each guest (ATTENTION NO AUTOGRAPHS ARE INCLUDED IN THIS PASS)
  • Possibility to book more photo ops for each guest (ATTENTION NO PHOTO OPS ARE INCLUDED IN THIS PASS)
  • Possibility to book 1 entrance for every other special activity

By requesting a pass and paying a contribution you automatically declare to accept all the terms and conditions of this site and to commit to respecting them.

VIOLET PASS includes:

  • 1 person entrance to JIBLAND5 (13th and 14th of May 2020), from starting until the end of regular activities. Of course you can choose to take part in the event only for part of it, for example for 1 day only but we won't accept any responsibility if you miss some activities because you cannot be there the whole time, or because you are late, or because schedule needs a last minute readjustment and you are not there to hear the announcement.
  • Access to these convention halls: stage room, art exhibitions and video room, main hall.
  • Reserved seat for the whole event in the stage room.
  • The right to take part in every exclusive contest of the convention.
  • The right to book 1 or more autographs for 1 or more guests (no autographs are included in the pass).
  • The right to book 1 or more photo ops with every actor or combination of actors (no photo ops are included in the pass contribution)
  • The right to book passes for other special activities.

For every other detail all attendees are expected to read FAQ e la sezione Terms&Conditions pages. If you request a pass you tacitly confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to all terms and conditions stated on this website.

NOTE: "Right to book" implies the possibility to add all that is not included as extras to your invitation pass. You can read the list of photo ops, autographs and special passes here.




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