Attending #JIBLAND4. Exchanging extras with DAVID GIUNTOLI. Details about extras with RICKY WHITTLE

There’s a last chance to attend JIBLAND4 on May 15th and 16th

Due to the unexpected change of a guest, we have exceptionally decided to open booking again for JIBLAND4.

Available places are LIMITED and of 2 types only:
RED pass information (minimum contribution required 360€)
GREEN pass information (minimum contribution required 160€)

To attend please send 1 email to with all these data:
1 surname and name
2 email address
3 complete address (street, number, city, postal code, country)
4 Date of Birth (only people over 18 can apply)
5 special needs due to health or physical problems (no / yes and what is the problem)
6 type of pass chosen between Red or Green
(if you are sending the request for more people you have to specify all data for all people)We will reply to you in 48 hours if there is one place still available, and we will provide you all necessary instructions to attend.

Your extras with David become now extras with Ricky.
Just present your David photo op, autograph or meet&greet card at Ricky’s sessions for the same activity.
If you prefer to change your David extras into extras with other guests instead (only among the available ones) please ask for the change at reception desk after the convention start.
David’s autographs included in passes become now Ricky’s autographs (you can’t change them into other extras).

They will be available directly at JIBLAND4.
Please ask for them at registration desk after the convention start.