Guests news and information about deadlines for #JIB10 & #JIBLAND4 participants

Hi everyone!
Let’s start with good news:
BILLY MORAN will join us for all the musical part of JIBWeek!


BILLY MORAN photo by Liz Larson

And ROB BENEDICT will attend JIBLAND on Thursday to spend more time with us!

To better enjoy their presence and the presence of all other guests, please read this recap of
important deadlines for JIB10 and JIBLAND4:

  • Deadline for handing over procedure for JIBWEEK: March 8th 2019 at 6.00pm Rome time zone.
  • Deadline for any booking for JIBWEEK: March 13th 2019 at 6.00pm Rome time zone.
  • Deadline to request a copy of missing receipts for JIBWEEK: March 22nd 2019 at 6.00pm Rome time zone.

1 Deadline for booking is intended for invitation passes and all extras of JIB10 and JIBLAND4.

2 Please check to have all your email receipts because YOU MUST PRINT THEM AND BRING THEM WITH YOU FOR REGISTRATION PROCESS.
If you don’t have all of them you need to write to us at least 3 days before the deadline in order to let us solve the problem. Please pay attention to this and be aware that after the deadline we will not send copies of the receipts anymore, so if you don’t have them we will not be able to help you after that date!

3 WE WISH TO REMIND YOU THAT ALL REQUESTS TO HAND OVER YOUR PASS OR EXTRAS MUST BE FINALIZED BEFORE DEADLINE MENTIONED ABOVE. This means that BEFORE DEADLINE you need to have already requested the name change following the rules (rules for JIBWeek handing over), and that you have already received our approval for the change of name at least 48hours before the deadline.
Any request to confirm a name change arriving at the last second could remain unanswered until after the deadline (we always need at least 24-48 hours to be able to reply) and that would mean that no change would be approved, so please take this into account if you want to proceed like this and don’t wait the last moment to send your request.
We won’t be responsible for any missed chance if you request a change at the last moment.
We remind everyone that after the deadline we will not approve or authorize any more changes for any possible reason and there will be no exceptions. So please refrain from writing about this because we won’t reply at any email pertaining this matter.

Thank you.
JIB Staff