Hilton hotel, information on rates and bookings for #JIB12

Hello everybody,
HILTON ROME AIRPORT HOTEL will be the JIB12 convention venue next year.
  Attendees can book rooms with special rates for the dates from DECEMBER 9th to 15th 2020.

  Bookings are still closed and will open on Monday JANUARY 13th at 9.00 am Rome time zone (please don’t send your requests before that moment).
You’ll be able to book a room through special links created by Hilton that we’ll make available on Monday January 13th.

  At booking time your credit card will be charged for 1 night staying, but you’ll be able to cancel your room reservation without paying any fee and getting back your deposit until 14 days before your check-in date.
  Breakfast is included in room rates, and will be held at Le Colonne restaurant.
As usual we remind you that booking a room at the Hilton Hotel is not mandatory, but it is easier though since some convention night activities may end late in the night and you may find useful to stay at the convention hotel.

  Please remember:
DON’T try to book a room by email or by phone before onday January 13th at 9.00 am (Rome time zone).
– To book a room you need a credit card. If you don’t have one you can write to [email protected] asking if you can send a bank transfer but please do so only if there’s absolutely no way for you to use a credit card.
– you can contact Hilton sending an email to [email protected] and you’ll receive a reply in 10 working days (so please wait a few days and don’t send the email again to urge an answer). Don’t phone to the Hilton since staff dedicated to convention bookings provides assistance only through email.

On this page you can find detailed information about how to book a room.

JIB Staff

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