Hello everyone, how is your summer going? Have you already got your Covid19 vaccine? We in the staff are starting to get our first injections and we are very happy about that, it’s a step towards normalcy!

As said in the previous post, we have been monitoring the situation to decide if we could keep JIB12 in November 2021 or if we had to postpone it again. The problems created by the new mutations of the virus and the slow proceeding of vaccination campaign all over the world do not seem to have subsided enough, and rules for travelling abroad and for social distancing are still too strict to proceed.

As long as these aspects do not get better we cannot meet and crowd the Hilton congress center, especially because many of us are coming from abroad, often from extra EU countries. It would be difficult for many to join us in Italy, so as in a family no one is left behind the only possible choice has been to postpone JIB12 to 2022 as well.

As soon as we reach an agreement with guests and services on new dates we will let you know.
As usual you won’t have to do anything about your room booking at the Hilton, as it will be moved automatically to the new dates.
Handing over procedures for JIB12 and JIBWeek (JIB11 and JIBLAND5) are going to be reopened in the next months.

A huge hug to all of you!
We miss you!

JIB Staff

jib12 moved to 2022

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Hello Everyone!
Here we are with some more detail about the postponement of Jibland5 and JIB11 (JIBWeek). We hope we can meet soon and the new selected dates based on the availability of our beloved guests and services needed to create the convention are:

  • JIBLAND 5: 23 and 24 February 2022
  • JIB 11: 25, 26 and 27 February 2022

All your Hilton bookings will be moved automatically to the new dates, and you do not have to do anything about that. Below here you find all details provided by the hotel staff on this matter.

As for JIB 12 at the moment we are keeping the November dates.
The progress in Europe seems encouraging, but we have to see when restrictions on social distancing for indoor parties will be lifted and how fast the vaccination campaign will work here and everywhere we have JIB family members. We really hope that the whole global situation can be better soon as we cannot wait to reunite our beloved JIB Family in Roma.

A ginormous hug to all of you, we cannot wait to see you again!
JIB Staff

Details on booking for Jibland5 e JIB11 at the Hilton Rome Airport and Hilton Garden Inn

  All booking made to Hilton Rome Airport and Hilton Garden Inn will be automatically moved to the new 2022 February dates.
The week day of check in and check out of every single booking will be the same as per your original booking (i.e. if you were bound to arrive on Thursday and leave the following Thursday your new booking will be the same).
The booking confirmation number is going to be the same one, and this goes also for the typology of the room you booked, the number of people you have booked for, and the price of the room.
It is no longer possible to cancel booking, but the hotel accept to chance the name of the booking reservation, or if no one can go on your place you can request a voucher that will be valid for 18 months.
  Please contact [email protected] only for one of the following reasons:
– You need to cancel the booking for the 2022 February date (you will receive a voucher or you can provide a name change)
– You need to modify check IN & OUT dates
You do not have to contact the hotel if your booking does not need any change.
The Hotel reserves the right to reply to your emails in 2 weeks time.


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Hello everybody,
maybe some of you have already guessed that this announcement was on its way and unfortunately, here we are doing so.

The pandemic is not over yet and we cannot gather for the convention next July as we hoped to do.
We are working with guests and services involved to further postpone it and now we don’t have sure details about the new dates. As usual, we will give you updates about this as soon as possible. Things should work the same as before, so please don’t contact us or Hilton about this for now and wait for our updates (Hilton staff doesn’t have other details to give you so they won’t answer questions related to this matter).

We are giving you this general news to keep you updated and inform you in advance. We are all very tired and strained by this pandemic but we must resist a little longer and be patient about the convention, as we are unfortunately doing with many other things in our lives.

We wish to send a hug to all JIB Family and as always, we wish to thank you for your support and understanding. This horrible pandemic at least made it very clear that we are a real family, and we know how to stand together in hard times!
We miss you so much and we cannot wait to hug you again!

JIB Staff

new dates 2021

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New 2021 dates for JIBWEEK – JIBLAND5, JIB11 – and JIB12

Hello everyone,
here we are with the news you’ve waited for: NEW DATES, and optimistically 3rd time is the charm!

JIBLAND5JIB11 will be from 14th to 18th of JULY 2021 (Monday concert on 19th of July)
JIB12 will be from 12th to 14th of NOVEMBER 2021 (Monday concert on 15th of November)

News around the world are very distressing and difficult these days but we can only persevere and we will come out of this together, and hopefully by summer next year things will be better and we will be able to see each other again.
Thank you for being so patient with us. We miss you!

JIB Staff

PS Hilton hotels booking made through the website link will be moved to new dates automatically, you have to contact them only if you wish to alter or cancel your booking.

new dates 2021

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