Message from Hilton Hotel staff about #JIB13 bookings

Hilton hotel

Hello everybody,
this is a message from Hilton Hotel staff about JIB13 bookings at HILTON ROME AIRPORT & HILTON GARDEN INN.

JIB Staff

Dear Guest
We are excited to welcome you in June!

For this reason we want to kindly remind that the deadline for the link of the Convention is March 17th.
This deadline will be extended till March 31st.
After this date, all unsold rooms will be released and the Convention rate will no longer be available.

For those who already booked a room, but the credit card provided did not authorize the one night deposit requested, we will send an email with a form to fill in to provide another credit card.
After March 31st, those bookings will be cancelled if no feedback will be given.

Thank you for the attention

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Bookings of double photo ops for #JIB13 and JIBLAND5 vouchers

Hi everyone!
Here we are with information on how to request double photo ops for JIB13 and on how to request VOUCHERS for JIBLAND5.

Double photo op for JENSEN & JARED will be available ONLY for people who already have a pass for JIB13. If you don’t have a pass yet please request it before booking opens.

On this page you can find detailed information about double photo ops.
On this page you can find detailed information about JIBLAND5 vouchers and how to request them.

Thanks for your attention
JIB Staff

Jared&Jensen at jib11 © JIBstaff

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Hello Everyone!
Here we are to say a huge thank you to all of you who have been with us for JIB Week!
After all the trials and tribulations of these past years it has been such a pleasure to finally see you again and create new memories together.

We are sure you wish to join us in saying thank you to all our wonderful guests that have made every moment special. We love them all very much and we are grateful that they make time out of their busy schedules to come spend time with JIB Family.

We want to say thank you to all our friends that year after year make use of their holidays to come and help run JIB’s crazy days, without you all this would not be possible. You guys have our eternal love and gratefulness!


Daniela, Francesca, Chiara

jib family

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