Hello everybody,
maybe some of you have already guessed that this announcement was on its way and unfortunately, here we are doing so.

The pandemic is not over yet and we cannot gather for the convention next July as we hoped to do.
We are working with guests and services involved to further postpone it and now we don’t have sure details about the new dates. As usual, we will give you updates about this as soon as possible. Things should work the same as before, so please don’t contact us or Hilton about this for now and wait for our updates (Hilton staff doesn’t have other details to give you so they won’t answer questions related to this matter).

We are giving you this general news to keep you updated and inform you in advance. We are all very tired and strained by this pandemic but we must resist a little longer and be patient about the convention, as we are unfortunately doing with many other things in our lives.

We wish to send a hug to all JIB Family and as always, we wish to thank you for your support and understanding. This horrible pandemic at least made it very clear that we are a real family, and we know how to stand together in hard times!
We miss you so much and we cannot wait to hug you again!

JIB Staff

new dates 2021

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New 2021 dates for JIBWEEK – JIBLAND5, JIB11 – and JIB12

Hello everyone,
here we are with the news you’ve waited for: NEW DATES, and optimistically 3rd time is the charm!

JIBLAND5JIB11 will be from 14th to 18th of JULY 2021 (Monday concert on 19th of July)
JIB12 will be from 12th to 14th of NOVEMBER 2021 (Monday concert on 15th of November)

News around the world are very distressing and difficult these days but we can only persevere and we will come out of this together, and hopefully by summer next year things will be better and we will be able to see each other again.
Thank you for being so patient with us. We miss you!

JIB Staff

PS Hilton hotels booking made through the website link will be moved to new dates automatically, you have to contact them only if you wish to alter or cancel your booking.

new dates 2021

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#JIBWEEK2020 (#JIBLAND5 & #JIB11) & #JIB12 postponed to 2021

Hello everyone,
here we are with a difficult news, we have tried until now to find a way to make our conventions happen this year, but with how things are going in the US and various other countries around the world it has become unfortunately clear that even a December date is a too optimistic expectation.

Reluctantly and after many hours spent talking to everyone involved we have all agreed that things must be pushed further down the line. At the moment we are in the process of finding dates both for JIBLAND5/JIB11 and JIB 12 that are going to be suitable for guests and venues, and hopefully we will be able to provide them to all of you soon enough. But with such uncertain schedules for most guests it could take a bit to find the best possible solution, so please be patient with us.

We have decided to provide this update, even if we do not have all details to share yet, so you can rethink your travel plans too.

Most probably JIBLAND5/JIB11 and JIB12 will have separate dates again and the first should happen late spring 2021 while the second in autumn 2021.   This is a tentative planning and we will have more news once we have confirmed dates to provide to all of you.

HILTON HOTEL: all the bookings made at the Hilton Rome Airport and at the Hilton Garden Inn will be automatically moved to the new dates.

For practical issue we are moving JIB12 HANDING OVER procedure to the same date as for JIBLAND5/JIB11 and by the beginning of September hopefully things will be more settled around the world for plans and schedules to make sense again.

We are very sorry about all this, but every time we all think that things are slowly starting to get back to normal we are proven wrong with events somehow taking a turn for the worse in unexpected ways. We trust in your understanding and patience in these uncertain and difficult times. And we wish for everyone in the US and in all the countries that are still experiencing very difficult situations due to the Covid-19 pandemic to stay safe and be well. Our thoughts are with you.

JIB Staff

jibweek passes

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New guest for #JIB12!

Hello Everyone,
how are you doing? We hope you are fine and things are starting to get back to normal where you live!
In the meanwhile we want to provide some cheering up by telling you we have a new guest for JIB12. We’ve been holding onto the news for some time due to all the uncertainty around but now it seems like the perfect time to tell you.

So let’s welcome together


Jeffrey Vincent Parise

Thanks for joining us!

JIB Staff

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