Voucher for Tom and Reeve extras jibland5

Voucher for Tom and Reeve extras (JIBLAND5)

And now some details for those of you who need to request a voucher for Tom and Reeve extras.

To request your voucher please send 1 email to [email protected] from Monday March 20th to Monday April 10th.

In the email please give us:

  • 1 Your surname, name, JIBWeek pass number.
  • 2 Attach to the email a photo of your unused extras. Only 1 photo of the back of all the postcards you have (the side with your pass number).

Please make sure you send 1 SINGLE EMAIL for everything and that the email is NO BIGGER THAN 3MB.
We will reply to you in 4-5 working days to provide instructions.

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