Photo op detail:
  • Photo op indicates the opportunity to meet chosen guests in person to have an official picture taken with them.
  • It's not possible to change 2 single photo ops with 2 guests into 1 double photo op with the same 2 guests.
  • Single photo ops are for a shoot taken with 1 attendee + 1 specified guest, double photo ops are for a shoot taken with 1 attendee + 2 specified guests, group photo ops are for a shoot taken with 1 participant + a specified group of guests.
  • Each photo op is numbered and nominal, valid only for 1 single person, it's not possible to share 1 photo op with other people. If you wish to share a photo with someone else they must have1 photo op of same typology assigned to them
  • If one guest should pull back at the last moment due to force majeure, in exchange for requested photo ops you will get one or more photo ops with other guests based on their availability.
  • No other double/group photo ops are available aside those listed on this website. Different kinds of photo ops will be added to the list in the months before the convention starts. Please check this website and related social networks regularly and/or subscribe to JIB newsletter to see all new additions.
  • It's not possible to take private pictures during photo ops sessions.
  • Any inappropriate, offensive, aggressive and in general improper behavior towards guests and/or staff and/or other participants at photo op sessions will result in an immediate expulsion from the event as per Terms&Conditions.
  • If you wish to receive a digital copy of your picture as well as the printed one, you will be able to ask for it to the staff after the convention following the instruction that will be posted on this website.
  • All photo op pictures are for personal purpose only, no other use is allowed.
  • For every other detail attendees are expected to read Terms&Conditions page of this website. If you book a photo op you tacitly agree to all terms and conditions stated on this website.
  • HERE you can read a list of general rules to respect in the photo op rooms.
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