Autographs details:
  • Autograph indicates the opportunity to meet chosen guests in person to have something signed by them.
  • Some invitation passes include autographs of guests. Please check invitation passes descriptions for more details.
  • Besides what's included in your pass you can request extra autographs with one or more guests to have them sign more than one single object and to spend more time with them at signing moment.
  • You can bring for signing: 1) personal objects (without pictures of the guests printed on them) such as diaries, notebooks, t-shirts, bags and so on... 2) drawings, paintings etc... if you own the copyrights (any contents that may be considered inappropriate, offensive, divisive by our staff won't be allowed) 3) OFFICIAL merchandise related to guests’ careers such as original DVDs, CDs and books. Any merchandise item MUST RESPECT LAWS ABOUT COPYRIGHT and have copyright owners logos and names displayed on it (printed photos and photos taken from magazines and other general publications are not allowed) 4) convention brochure given as a token for free to every attendee 5) postcards of JIB photo ops, autografs and meet&greets 6) printed copies of photo ops taken at any JIB event.
  • You CAN'T bring for signing posters, pictures and other items that aren't clearly produced by copyrights owners and/or don't display copyrights wording and logos. For example you can't receive autographs on pictures taken from the internet, images/art created manipulating pictures that are not your own, photos or merchandise bought through websites or shops that don't have copyrights displayed on them, pictures of guests personally shot and printed. At the convention you will find approved pictures of the guests allowed for the signing of autographs (in a limited number).
    Any item you bring for signing will be screened by the staff. If the staff does not approve of your item you must use a different item that is approved by the staff or the brochure you have received at registration desk.
  • You will be able to personally hand small gifts to guests during autograph sessions, but gifts must be checked by security staff while you're lining up as per Terms & Conditions. If you disregard this rule security crew will escort you outside convention premises straightway and you won't have any other possibility to get your autographs.
  • Each autograph is numbered and nominal, valid only for 1 single person and 1 single signature. Only if you have an autograph you will be allowed inside the autograph room at due time. No one for any reason can accompany you inside the room.
  • If one guest should pull back at the last moment due to force majeure, in exchange for autographs requested as extras you will get one or more autographs with other guests based on their availability.
  • You cannot take pictures or videos in the autograph room. It's not possible to take private pictures during autograph sessions.
  • Any inappropriate, offensive, aggressive and in general improper behavior towards guests and/or staff and/or other participants at photo op sessions will result in an immediate expulsion from the event as per Terms&Conditions.
  • For every other detail attendees are expected to read Terms&Conditions page of this website. If you book a photo op you tacitly agree to all terms and conditions stated on this website.
  • HERE you can read a list of general rules to respect in the autographs room.
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