Each special activity implies the opportunity to take part in special or extra schedule activities happening at convention time.. Special activities can or cannot be included in some invitation passes. Check your pass description, and if you don't find a special entrance specified in it then you need to book it separately if you're interested to attend.

Find here below a list of special and extra activities scheduled until now (the list will be increased and updated with details in the next months).

  • Meet&Greet
    • Access to a Meet&Greet session will give you the opportunity to spend 20 minutes together with 1 actor, talking directly to them while having a snack or a drink.
    • At every Meet&Greet session there will be 15/16 attendees only + 1 guest. On occasion one or two extra guests can be in attendance as well.
    • There will be Meet&Greet sessions with all regular guest.
    • Prophet Pass already includes 1 Meet&Greet session with each regualr guest.
  • Roman Holiday/La Dolce Vita
    • Roman Holiday and La Dolce Vita will give you the opportunity to enjoy Rome with a bunch of convention guests for a couple of hours. You will have the chance to spend time with your favorite guests in a unique environment. It could be discovering the many artistically treasures of the city or immersing yourself in the glamorous Italian lifestyles, its cuisine, fashion and atmosphere.
  • Welcome party/Cocktail party
    • Both Welcome than Cocktail party give you the opportunity to spend time with convention guests, approaching them and chatting with them in an informal and relaxed way. These special activities are occasions in which you can enjoy guests' presence without haste, as happens among guests at any party.
  • Karaoke and night activities
    • Various activities will be scheduled also for the evening, they'll be announced in this website over the months. Among them Karaoke is a very special moment that allow attendees to have fun singing popular songs together with convention guests.