Photo ops and autographs of #JIBLAND5 guests

Hello guys!
Here we are with information on how to request photo ops and autographs for Sebastian, Tom, Ricky and Reeve.
You can request their photos and autographs even if you didn’t get your pass receipt by email yet.

You will be able to send your requests from SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 7th 2019 from 3.00pm (Rome time zone)

Bookings of photo ops & autographs for JIBLAND5

Extras for other announced guests of JIBWEEK 2020 will be available at a later date.

Thank you for your attention,
JIB Staff

JIBLAND3 opening © JIBstaff

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Bookings of double photo ops for #JIB11

Hi everyone!
Here we are with information on how to request double photo ops for JIB11.

Available double photo ops are:



Bookings will start on SATURDAY AUGUST 10th AT 2.00PM (Rome time zone)

We will send you details to complete your request on August 17th and you will have to send your contribution at maximum before August21st.

On this page you can find detailed information about double photo ops.


Thanks for your attention
JIB Staff

Jared&Jensen at #jib10 © JIBstaff

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TOM ELLIS will be back for #JIBLAND5!

Hi Everyone!
Are you ready for another guest? Because one of our amazing guys is coming back next year and we are sure you’re going to be as happy as we are that he is joining JIBLAND5.

We know it’s not that simple considering how lucky we are in having many guests coming back to us year after year, but have you guessed about whom we are talking?

If so join us in welcoming back


TOM ELLIS ©Luigi Orru

Thank you Tom for coming over again!

JIB Staff

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SEBASTIAN STAN bonus guest for #JIBLAND5

Hi everyone!
Are you ready for an amazing news of an amazing guest?

He joined JIB Family for the 1st time this past May and he must have felt all your love as he has readily accepted to be back next year!
We are very proud and honored he is going to attend JIBLAND 5 and we are sure you will be as thrilled as we are to meet him again, so let’s say all together welcome back



Thank you for coming back to us Sebastian!

JIB Staff

PS: his extras will be available in the next weeks. Stay tuned for details and more announcements!

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