A wonderful surprise for all #JIBWEEK PARTICIPANTS!


Yes, you’ve got it right, we have a great surprise for all of you attending JIB Week: a very special guest that many of you hoped to meet again this May.

His schedule is crazy busy and it took this long to find a way for him to come back, but he is one of the nicest guys out there and he is willing to spend his limited free time flying over to Roma just to make you happy! And for this we can only say thank you and do our best to show him how welcome he is.

Have you guessed yet about whom we’re talking? We’re pretty sure the answer is yes, so without further delay we can say all together THANK YOU to SAM HEUGHAN!

The very first JIB Week special guest!

As explained Sam is extremely busy filming and he is really going the extra mile to be able to come over for part of the weekend in between working days, so he is attending the convention on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, but don’t worry anyone with a JIB Week pass (Green, Hunter, Violet, Sinner, Red, Demon, Angel or Prophet) can meet him.


JIB Staff