#JIB14 Bookings of photo ops & autographs of Jared and Jensen

Hello everybody!
Here we are with information on how to request single photo ops and autographs of Jensen and Jared for JIB14.
Please remember that only people who have an invitation pass for JIB14 can request these extras.

You will be able to send your request from SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 9th at 2.00 pm (Rome time zone). We will send you details to complete your request on September 16th and you will have to send your contribution before September 20th.

Details about these extras and how to send your request for them are available here:

JARED and JENSEN extras for JIB14

Thank you for your attention.

JIB Staff


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Hilton hotel, bookings for #JIB14

JIB14 attendees can book rooms with special rates at Hilton Rome Airport Hotel (convention venue) and Hilton Garden Inn (twin hotel located nearby).

Bookings are still closed and will open on Monday August 21st at 9.00 am Rome time zone (please don’t send your requests before that moment).
You’ll be able to book a room through special links created by Hilton that we’ll make available on August 21st.

Please check link below for all details about room rates and how to book a room.

As usual we remind you that booking a room at the Hilton Hotel is not mandatory, but it is easier though since some convention night activities may end late in the night and you may find useful to stay at the convention hotel.


Thank you,
JIB Staff

Hilton Rome Airport Sfera by artist Arnaldo Pomodoro

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Jpeg files of last conventions and Karl Urban vouchers

Hello there!
Today we are here with information about files of photos taken at last conventions (JIBLAND5, JIB11, JIB12, JIB13).
Please find HERE details about how and when you can request them.


Also JIB13 participants who need to request a voucher for their Karl Urban extras please read HERE details about how and when to request it.


In the next days we are going to give you also news about bookings opening for Hilton rooms with special rates for JIB14.

Bye for now!

JIB Staff

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