Hi everyone! Here we are with the convention schedule, and some useful information and happy news about it.

1 You can find HERE JIBWEEK detailed schedule and we are sure that you will be happy about two unexpected guests attending on Sunday. Drake and Jojo will be also at JIB11, as bonus guests.

2 We have a great news! Paul Carella will be with us at Monday Concert! We know that you will show him all JIB Family warmth as soon as he will go on stage!

3 You will receive a printed copy of the program while collecting your pass but please, remember that the convention is a live event, subject to unexpected changes. So please while at the convention pay attention to announces made by our staff, and written on screens and boards placed outside the rooms. Remember that you need to attend the convention for all days included in your pass in order to be sure you can have all your autographs, photos and extra activities.

4 You can collect your pass at reception desk whenever it’s open as specified in the schedule. In addition to that you can also collect your pass on Wednesday 22nd of February from 4.30 pm to 7.00 pm.

5 To collect your pass and extras please remember to bring a VALID ID DOCUMENT (one that includes your photo) and PRINTED* copies of ALL YOUR RECEIPTS (files on your phone/tablet won’t be accepted, we need printed copies). If you are attending both JIBLand5 and JIB11 please bring all your receipts because you will have to collect all your things at the same time. Please remember that you can’t have a friend collect your pass. Participants who are still underage also need to bring printed authorization signed by their parents.
(* no need to print all the receipt, just the first page with your data in it. You don’t have to print Terms&Conditions).

6 At the moment for events like ours, in Italy, there is no restrictions because of the Covid pandemic. Nonetheless, we ask all of you to put on a face mask as much as possible while at JIBWeek, for your own safety and for the safety of other participants, guests and our staff. It is not a big burden and at the same time it is an important way to protect and respect the people around you.

Thank you, and see you soon!
JIB Staff


Paul Carella

Paul Carella

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#JIBLAND5 new guests

Hello everyone,
as promised here we are with two new guests for Jibland5.

We ask you to welcome them with warmth and enthusiasm because they have accepted to join us at the very last moment, and we hope you are as grateful as we are to get to know them.

Let’s welcome David Ramsey and Alexander Vlahos!

David Ramsey Alexander Vlahos

Everytime a guest has to cancel it is a painful and difficult news for all of us, but having the chance to meet new people is a source of joy. All these years, JIB Assn, our conventions and more so Jibland exist for this reason: to promote the meeting of fans and actors of different shows and maybe discover artists and series that were unknown until then.

The reception desk will be open for registration of Jibland5 and JIB11 from February 22nd at 4.30pm and during convention time every day. If you are attending both parts of JIBWeek you have to collect all your things together, registering only one time.

As said before the complete program of all activities will be online around one week before the convention start.

If anyone of you wish to join JIB Assn. and attend Jibland5 (not JIB11) at the last moment exceptionally you will be able to do so.
Print and fill this form with all your details and come over to registration desk with your request on Wednesday February 22nd from 5.30pm, or on Thursday morning February 23rd.

JIB Staff

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Hello everyone,
we are here with some bad and good news about JIBWEEK guests.

Unfortunately Karl, Tom, Reeve and Richard work schedule have changed or have been extended past convention dates and they cannot join us. We will dearly miss them, but we all know that work comes first, and both Karl and Richard will be with us in June, at JIB13, so you will be able to see them soon.

As for Jibland we have some new people coming over, our Briana Buckmaster will come to join the fun and we will have two new additions that we are sure you will love. We are talking about Drake Rodger and Jojo Fleites! And we are working to bring another guest.

So let’s welcome at Jibland 5 Briana Buckmaster, Drake Rodger and Jojo Fleites!

Briana Buckmaster Drake Rodger Jojo Fleites

All details about extras with Karl, Tom, Reeve and Richard will be available at the convention.

Details of the schedule will be released in about 7 or 10 days.
Monday concert will be held at the Hilton hotel in the late afternoon.

Thank you everyone.
JIB Staff

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