#JIBLAND5 new guests

Hello everyone,
as promised here we are with two new guests for Jibland5.

We ask you to welcome them with warmth and enthusiasm because they have accepted to join us at the very last moment, and we hope you are as grateful as we are to get to know them.

Let’s welcome David Ramsey and Alexander Vlahos!

David Ramsey Alexander Vlahos

Everytime a guest has to cancel it is a painful and difficult news for all of us, but having the chance to meet new people is a source of joy. All these years, JIB Assn, our conventions and more so Jibland exist for this reason: to promote the meeting of fans and actors of different shows and maybe discover artists and series that were unknown until then.

The reception desk will be open for registration of Jibland5 and JIB11 from February 22nd at 4.30pm and during convention time every day. If you are attending both parts of JIBWeek you have to collect all your things together, registering only one time.

As said before the complete program of all activities will be online around one week before the convention start.

If anyone of you wish to join JIB Assn. and attend Jibland5 (not JIB11) at the last moment exceptionally you will be able to do so.
Print and fill this form with all your details and come over to registration desk with your request on Wednesday February 22nd from 5.30pm, or on Thursday morning February 23rd.

JIB Staff