Hello everybody,
What can we say? We truly had hoped that we would not need to come back with this sort of news again, but with covid cases going up in all Europe and the global pandemic being far from solved in most of the world we have no other choice: we have to postpone JIBWeek again.

By now there are very high chances that restrictions for indoor events in Italy will not be lifted but instead thy will be extended for months to come. We also have to take into account news about changes of Green pass validity and problems that foreign participants would have coming to Italy.

As usual, we are working with guests and services involved and we will give you updates about new dates as soon as we can have them. Hilton room bookings will be moved automatically to the new dates, same as before, so please do not contact them about his unless you need to cancel your booking altogether.

We wish to send a hug to all JIB Family
, thank you for your support and understanding!

One last things we wish to say: please get vaccinated and if you already are get your booster shoot and tell people around you to do the same. We will not get back to any sort of normalcy until we are all fully vaccinated.

Thank you.

JIB Staff

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