Hello everyone, how is your summer going? Have you already got your Covid19 vaccine? We in the staff are starting to get our first injections and we are very happy about that, it’s a step towards normalcy!

As said in the previous post, we have been monitoring the situation to decide if we could keep JIB12 in November 2021 or if we had to postpone it again. The problems created by the new mutations of the virus and the slow proceeding of vaccination campaign all over the world do not seem to have subsided enough, and rules for travelling abroad and for social distancing are still too strict to proceed.

As long as these aspects do not get better we cannot meet and crowd the Hilton congress center, especially because many of us are coming from abroad, often from extra EU countries. It would be difficult for many to join us in Italy, so as in a family no one is left behind the only possible choice has been to postpone JIB12 to 2022 as well.

As soon as we reach an agreement with guests and services on new dates we will let you know.
As usual you won’t have to do anything about your room booking at the Hilton, as it will be moved automatically to the new dates.
Handing over procedures for JIB12 and JIBWeek (JIB11 and JIBLAND5) are going to be reopened in the next months.

A huge hug to all of you!
We miss you!

JIB Staff

jib12 moved to 2022