Hello everybody,
maybe some of you have already guessed that this announcement was on its way and unfortunately, here we are doing so.

The pandemic is not over yet and we cannot gather for the convention next July as we hoped to do.
We are working with guests and services involved to further postpone it and now we don’t have sure details about the new dates. As usual, we will give you updates about this as soon as possible. Things should work the same as before, so please don’t contact us or Hilton about this for now and wait for our updates (Hilton staff doesn’t have other details to give you so they won’t answer questions related to this matter).

We are giving you this general news to keep you updated and inform you in advance. We are all very tired and strained by this pandemic but we must resist a little longer and be patient about the convention, as we are unfortunately doing with many other things in our lives.

We wish to send a hug to all JIB Family and as always, we wish to thank you for your support and understanding. This horrible pandemic at least made it very clear that we are a real family, and we know how to stand together in hard times!
We miss you so much and we cannot wait to hug you again!

JIB Staff

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