#JIBWEEK2020 #JIBLAND5 & #JIB11 postponed to December 2020

Hello everyone,
we hope you are doing fine in this difficult juncture, and we’re here with some news about JIBLAND5 and JIB11 to at least help relieve a bit of stress.
Despite all the uncertainty we have managed to postpone JIBWeek to a later date in the hope that things would be a bit more clear and normal by then.

New convention dates will be:

JIBLAND 5: 16, 17 of DECEMBER 2020
JIB 11: 18, 19, 20 of DECEMBER 2020


Are we sure that by December things will be back to normal? No we are not, and we have no way to know now, nor anyone else does. But before anyone asks why we have not postponed everything until May 2021 directly, the reason is simple, that’s not an option available right now.
Most of those involved in making the convention possible (and we’re talking a lot of people here) are unable to plan past 2020.
So moving JIBWeek to December it’s not a matter of not wanting to wait longer, but of not being able to do that. Like for those setting the rules for every country in this unprecedented and unforeseen situation we can only move in baby steps and do the best with the current circumstances to make decisions for an uncertain future.
We are sorry we cannot do more than this, the only thing we can promise is that we are and we will keep doing our best to ensure that sooner or later you will have your time of fun and joy.
Thank you for your patience, understanding and support in this difficult time.

As for practical details:

  • HANDOVER process is POSTPONED FROM SEPTEMBER 7TH TO OCTOBER 9TH. You will be able to hand over your pass to someone else in this period of time if you cannot attend the December dates.
  • HILTON ROOMS, again if you cannot attend the December dates you will be able to change or cancel your hotel reservation from SEPTEMBER 7TH. Your booking will be moved to the new dates automatically in the next months and by September 7th if you want to change it or cancel it you will be able to do so and you will have time until 30 days prior to your arrival date in December. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE TO THE HILTON STAFF. They are working with a limited number of staff to ensure the safety of their workers and prevent other problems, so please be patient with them. They will get back to you in time as of now they are taking care of urgent matters first.
  • REFOUND FOR SEBASTIAN’S EXTRAS DETAILS REMAIN THE SAME FROM MAY 11TH TO MAY 29TH you can send an email to [email protected] with the number of your extras (photo op SSP, autograph SSA, meet&greet SSMG) and your bank data and we will send you back the donation you sent for them before the end of June. IF YOU WANT A REFUND YOU NEED TO CONTACT US IN THIS TIME FRAME. If you are fine with exchanging the extras of Sebastian with the extras of other guests (both JIBLAND5 and JIB11 guests if you attend both events) you do not have to do anything at all and you will be able to swap them directly at the convention, choosing the extras you prefer to have up to the amount of the donation you sent.
  • BOOKINGS FOR JIBLAND5 AND JIB11 at the moment bookings remain closed. We will see if in the next months we have the chance to open them again.

JIB Staff