#JIBLAND5 & #JIB11 Update about reopening of handing overs, bookings and refunds of Sebastian’s extras

Hello everyone,
we are back with details about JIBLAND5 and JIB11.
Due to this ever changing situation planning has become really difficult so please be patient with us, we are trying our best with the uncertain conditions we have to take into account.

  • Let’s start talking about the refund of Sebastian’s extras. You are going to have 2 options.
      1   FROM MAY 11TH TO MAY 29TH you can send an email to [email protected] with the number of your extras (photo op SSP, autograph SSA, meet&greet SSMG) and your bank data and we will send you back the donation you sent for them before the end of June. IF YOU WANT A REFUND YOU NEED TO CONTACT US IN THIS TIME FRAME, if you don’t contact us you automatically confirm that you are choosing option 2.
      2   If you are fine with exchanging the extras of Sebastian with the extras of other guests (both JIBLAND5 and JIB11 guests if you attend both events) you do not have to do anything at all and you will be able to swap them directly at the convention, choosing the extras you prefer to have up to the amount of the donation you sent.
  • About the reopening of bookings for JIB11 and JIBLAND5 we are sorry but we won’t be able to do that, there are to many things to take care of as it is and we cannot grant you this option.
  • About handing over procedure for JIB11 and JIBLAND5 we have moved the time frame for it from MAY 11TH TO MAY 29TH to have some more time for you to think about it and for us to monitor the situation.

We want to be perfectly clear, when we started to work to move the convention at the beginning of March, July seemed very far away and 4 months seemed a very long time indeed to get this pandemic under control, everyone from services to guests agreed on that. At that time there was no other option and we took the only one available. Now things have progressed again on worldwide basis in a worse and unprecedented way, so there is a chance we will have to postpone JIBLAND5 and JIB11 again if restrictions are prolonged again which we hope to know for sure at the beginning of May.

So far there are no official restrictions announced for this summer (and this doesn’t help with postponing the convention to a further date) but there is a chance they will come and we are planning for that eventuality as well as best as we can. For the moment we suggest you wait before changing any travel reservation (Hilton booking is the exception because the hotel staff has provided the service for free and will hopefully do the same again if we are forced to postpone JIBWeek again) until the very last moment you can do that.

We are sorry that something that should be only a fun moment to spend with friends is becoming an additional source of grief, but unfortunately we all live in uncertain times and planning things is not as easy as it is to talk about them. Many activities providing services and infrastructures for events are already experiencing financial problems and are toeing the line of bankruptcy and this doesn’t help either. So please be patient, we understand your grievances and your frustration and your sadness but please try to do the same for us and everyone else that has made JIB possible in the past decades, not just us in the staff, but all the people who has worked with us and are standing with us in this difficult time once again.

Thank you
JIB Staff