Hello everybody,
unfortunately this pandemic caused by coronavirus leaves us no choice: we must postpone May JIBWeek to this summer.
We’ve been working for days on details to make this possible and within the next couple of weeks we are going to give you more news about dates, Hilton, handovers etc…
We beg you to understand that moving the convention requires a huge amount of work and lots of problems to solve. So please don’t contact us asking about one matter or the other at this moment, give us time to work and we are going to give you certain news on JIB website and JIB social media as soon as possible.
We have anticipated this statement to reduce any panic or stess you are feeling now, but at this moment we won’t answer questions you may send us about this and we hope you can understand why. Please wait to get all details about this through JIB website in the next days.

JIB12 of next December is confirmed and there is no change about it.

Thank you all for your help and understanding.
JIB Staff