JIBWEEK 2018 ~ May 9th-13th

#JIBWEEK2018 New special guest: David Berry!

Hello Everyone,
today we've got a news to cheer you up!

After last hitch with Sam having to postpone his attendance we've tried to find someone to make you happy, and luckily we've managed to get one great guy to join us.



David Berry


He is coming over as a special JIBWeek guest on Saturday and Sunday and take Sam's place in the program, so where you should have met Sam you'll find David waiting for you, and things will work exactly as they should have for Sam. If you have any doubts about this ask the staff at registration desk
You will also find David extras available there since Wednesday.

Thank you David for having accepted to join us again!

JIB Staff




#JIBWEEK2018 SAM HEUGHAN appearence rescheduled

Hello everyone,
We have a very sad and difficult news to share.
Unfortunately due to unexpected work engagements Sam is no longer able to attend JIB Week at previously announced dates.

But do not panic because you can still meet him!
He will come over to Roma specifically to spend time with you for a very special fanmeet on a weekend of June (we are going to give you precise date as soon as possible).

We understand that accepting this change may be difficult for some of you, but as you all are aware, each and every guest can be forced to cancel at any moment for a large number of reasons, none of them meaning they do not care for their fans and people attending conventions.
This change is exactly proof of that. Sam is really very sorry that he has to pull out of JIBWeek for the second time and he is willing to do whatever it takes to come over anyway and meet you, even if it's not on the previously agreed date.
We are very sorry too that things have to be like this, we absolutely hate to disappoint you in any way. We always try everything we can to bring you the guests you want, we search for different solutions and do our best to make things work, only sometimes it is much more complicated and difficult than normal. But we do not let extra work or extra efforts stop us, and this special fanmeet is our way of making sure you can meet with Sam no matter what, even if it's not during JIBWeek days.

So, if you have reserved any extras with Sam you will be able to come over to this fanmeet simply with your JIBLAND3 or JIB9 pass and do your photo op, autograph, meet&greet or stage talk with him on that day.
Of course if you have reserved extras with Sam, and you do not wish to come over for this separate convention day, when we do the fanmeet with him, you can have a full refund of his extras directly at the convention and in cash. Or if you prefer you can exchange his extras with any other available extra of any other guest (every guest for people with Prophet / Angel pass, or JIBLAND3 guests for people with Red / Violet / Green pass and JIB9 guests for people with Demon / Sinner / Violet pass).
Check here for all the detailed explanation about this change.

JIB Staff


jibweek 2018



#JIBWEEK2018 #JIB9 & #JIBLAND3 schedule!

Hi guys!
Finally we're here with the so awaited schedules for the convention! You find them HERE: JIBLAND3 schedule - JIB9 schedule.
You don't need to print them because we will hand it to you at registration desk with everything else from pass to convention booklet.

Please do remember that both JIBLAND3 and JIB9 are live events. So the schedule can be modified for unforeseen reasons at any time before or at the convention, hence once at the Hilton pay attention to the timetables that will be posted before the various rooms and to the announcements that the staff will do for any change (announcements can be either spoke or written on available monitors). We also wish to remind you that JIBLAND3 and JIB9 are multi-days events so to be sure you can have all your autographs and photo ops (for the event you have chosen to attend) you need to be there the whole time the convention is running, not 1 day or a part of 1 day.
If you miss some activities because you were not there when the staff announced the change we won't take responsibility.

Jib staff


jibweek 2018



#JIBWEEK2018 Rules for participants

Hello guys,
please read carefully.

Thank you
JIB Staff

jibweek 2018




#JIBLAND3 Guest cancellation and new guest

Hello Everyone,
we are very sad to tell you that unfortunately Ricky Whittle won't be able to join us for JIBLAND3 due to an unexpected change in his filming schedule.
We wish him the best and hope to have him with us in the near future.

At the same time we feel very lucky and are very happy because someone else has accepted to join us at JIBLAND3 instead!
So welcome with us our new lovely guest


Bob Morley


For all details about Ricky and Bob extras and attending JIBLAND3 follow this link.

Thank you
JIB Staff



Last Updated on Thursday, 12 April 2018 17:52

#JIBWEEK2018 #JIB9 & #JIBLAND3 Various information & authorization for minors

jib banner
Hi everyone!
It's almost time again, and here we are with useful information, so please read everything carefully.

We wish to inform all of you that from Wednesday April 20th from 3.00 p.m. we won't be replying to any email anymore. All the staff will be busy with final arrangements for JIB9 and JIBLAND3 and away from office. So be aware that any doubt or question you may have need to be addressed before that moment.

Please remember to bring the printed and signed copy of the AUTHORIZATION DECLARATION for Minor that you have already sent us by email.

You can contact the Hilton directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and they will clear what's needed with you.
Here you find the AUTHORIZATION DECLARATION for underage people staying at Hilton Rome Airport or Hilton Garden Inn, that shall be printed, filled and signed by one of their parents or their legal guardian.

Instructions regarding these activities, both in English and in Italian, have been sent out to people taking part in these activities (ONLY PEOPLE DOING THESE ACTIVITIES GET THE EMAIL if you are not part of them you will not receive emails). If you are part of it and you have not received the instruction email please contact us so we can send it again. REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR PASSPORT FOR ROMAN HOLIDAY.

Each convention program will be online 1 week prior the event and you will be able to check all activities at that moment, so please don't send email to ask about the time for different activities now.

We remind you once again that to register at the convention and to access convention premises you must produce:
1 your pass receipt that is your personal invitation plus all your photo ops, autographs etc... email receipts (you just need first page of each email and you can print it in black/white. The terms&conditions page is just for your information, we don't need it at the con desk)
2 a valid IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENT with a picture of you to show at the convention registration desk.
Without both of them you will not be allowed inside.
Without both of them you will not be allowed inside.
You CANNOT have someone else pick up your pass badge for any reasons.

FOR JIBLAND3 you can come at the Hilton Rome Airport to collect your pass on:
Tuesday May 8th, from 4.00pm to 7.00pm
Wednesday May 9th from 8.00am to 1.00pm and from 2.30pm to 5.00pm
Thursday May 10th from 9.00am to 1.00pm
If you cannot make it to the convention on Wednesday and Thursday but you wish to come over anyway for Sam Heughan activities, you can collect you pass directly on May 12th  from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. We remind you than you cannot attend any JIB9 activity and wiht a JIBLAND3 pass you only get access to bonus activities with Sam.

FOR JIB9 you can come at the Hilton Rome Airport to collect your pass on:
Thursday May 10th from 3.00pm to 6.00pm
Frday May 11th from 9.00am to 1.00pm and from 3.00pm to 6.00pm
Saturday May 12th from 9.00am to 1.00pm and from 3.00pm to 6.00pm
Sunday May 13th from 9.00am to 1.00 pm.

At the convention we will provide you with information about the name and address of the place where we're going to meet.
Please remember that to get in you will need: a valid identification document (passport), your pass (JIB9 or JIBLAND3), and card with your pass number that will be given to you at the registration desk with your things. Do not forget to bring ALL these 3 things otherwise you won't be able to enter.

There will be various extras, gadgets and photos available for you to pick up, but please consider that only way to give minimum contribution for them is going to be cash in Euro. We won't accept credit cards, other currencies or bank checks. Inside the Hilton hotel there is a cash machine which will work as long as there is cash availability of course.

JIB staff



Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 April 2018 21:05

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