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Postby Miranda » 27/06/2014, 12:13

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for granting me access to this forum.
My name is Miranda and I'm a 33 year old Supernatural fan from The Netherlands, where I live together with my (Italian) husband, 1 year old son, three cats and a dog. I am watching the series since it first started here in 2006.
A while ago I was a bit bummed about all the conventions in the USA being sooooooo far away. And when I began searching I discovered Jibcon! :D
Unfortunately I don't have a pass for next year (So if you're looking for somebody to handover yours to, I'm your girl ;) ) but going there is definitely on my bucketlist!
I am very curious if there are more fans from the Benelux on this forum? And if so, are you going to Jibcon or have you already been there?

Would love to hear from you all!

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Re: Introduction!

Postby HellhoundSPN » 27/06/2014, 16:57

Hello :)

My name is Annelien, I'm 21 years old and I live in Belgium (Yes Miranda there are other fans in the Benelux ;) ).

Next year will be my first Supernatural convention since I'm relatively new to the fandom. But I fell hard and fast . I hope to make new friends in Italy, expecially because not many people here watch the show.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all!
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Re: Introduction!

Postby Daga280 » 03/07/2014, 19:45

Ciao! // Hi everyone!

My name is Dagmara Szafran, I am 25yrs old and come frome Poland :)

My biggest dream is to meet Jensen and pass him our polish greetings ;)
I work as a cabin attendant in WizzAir so if you travel by air maybe we will meet somewhere up there ;)
If you'd like to talk please do not hesitate and contact me on FB.

So I keep my finger crossed we will have chance to meet on JIB6.

Cheers ! // Ciao :)
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Re: Introduction!

Postby Gery-Lion » 04/08/2014, 3:22

Hello guys ! Hi everybody ! 8-)
My name is Gery (for Geraldine) ; I'm french fan since the beginning of the show. :P I was born 21th august 1980 in my beautiful town : Troyes (not so far to Paris). Sorry for my english absolutly terrible . :? :oops:
I don't speak very well and I don't understand the american language ; and off course, I don't speak italian :roll: .
I want (I look ?) a french community who to go every year at this italian convention . :o
PLEEEAAASE ! Write me fan de Suisse, de Luxembourg, de Belgique, de France ou simplement francophone , avec votre humble permission acceptez-moi dans votre cercle . :)

Amitiés. Friendly. Grazie.

Gery "a desperate fan" (lol)
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Re: Introduction!

Postby iskrasugar » 12/01/2015, 20:11

Hello, ladies!
My name is Iskra and I'm 33 years old. I am from Bulgaria and I don't have a pass. I hope that I will be lucky and find someone who give me his pass. I discovered Supernatural 9 months ago and I am adicted :roll: So now I have a dream - to go on
JIBCON 6. I hope my dream will come true :D
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