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can you help me?

can you help me?

Postby ily17 » 04/05/2011, 19:09

Hi everybody!!!
First of all I’m sorry for my English, but I’m Italian and for me it is easier to talk in English than write it.
My name is Ilaria and I went to the Jib2.
I have a request for you and I hope someone of you can help me.
I had a Demon pass, I was sit in the first line near the camera. During the Sunday panel with Richard and Mark, they walk in the room and then they sit down near me! Richard also huge me and it was amazing! One of the best moment of my all life!!! But I was so on shock that I can’t move and I didn’t take any picture!!!
I was wondering that maybe someone of you had take a picture of that moment. If you had a that picture I really appreciated you would like to share it with me.
You can contact me here, on facebook (my name is Ilaria Cimbezi) or at my e-mail :
Thank you so much!!!
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